How to Meet Thai Women

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If you are looking for a quick method for getting into a superficial, meaningless, purely sexual relationship with no commitment to the Thai women, I advise you to put this book down and move on to one of the many other works promising to reveal to you the secrets to getting Thai women. “How to Meet Thai Women for Genuine Relationships,” is a book heavily considered, reconsidered, and researched. After finding a number of books related to establishing relationships with Thai women, I, as the author of this body of work, felt compelled to write a book that would reflect the true nature, behavior, and culture of Thai women. Admittedly, I was often gravely disappointed in what I read about the women of Thai. Many uninformed, under informed, and poorly informed writers have referred to Thai women as seemingly exotic, oversexed, mythical creatures of the night who are in need of no real love, devotion, respect, or genuine companionship.

More often than not, such writings screamed a near-savage level of male chauvinism. This extremely disappointing chauvinistic approach along with a remarkable level of condescending Western superiority is often coupled with an unmatched level of ignorance, one-sidedness, and a lack of any understanding of Thai culture whatsoever: Something made screamingly evident by the sweeping generalizations made about Thai women. To that end, let us destroy the myth right here: It is an impossibility for one woman’s actions, comments, or beliefs to define, as if etched in stone and made law of the land, the very beliefs, actions, reactions, thought processes, behaviors, wants, and desires of every woman born within the boundaries of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Just as there were books and dating resources that were overwhelmingly erroneous in the information they conveyed, I have encountered information that stemmed from the opposite extreme. Underwhelming material left me wanting to know more. I found myself imagining other readers as frustrated as I was, readers who were desperately seeking information on the land of Thailand and the very real women within its borders, who were utterly disappointed with the findings between the less than informative pages of the books available.

The more I read and researched the subject, the more pressing the urge became to write a serious book, one well researched and conveying the understanding that Thai ladies are real women … genuine women … with deep needs, wants, desires, dreams, and cravings for real love. I, being married to an extraordinary Thai woman myself feel my life is entirely blessed by the entrance of this lovely woman into my life, and I further hope that I can help you receive the same blessings. Bear in mind that I did not rely on my relationship with my Thai wife, to base my knowledge about Thai women on, as I understand that one woman doesn’t represent all women; although I have no doubt whatsoever that my wife would definitely be a wonderful representative of the ideal Thai female! To be fair, I did the footwork to give you the broadest, fairest, and most unbiased view of the women of the country and its culture.

Compiled here before you is a plethora of information, all of which relate to finding genuine Thai women, and the keyword in the title that gives you a good sense of what the book is really all about is “genuine.” This book is not about the mythical, practically made legendary land of Thailand, where all women are just waiting to have sex with the privileged Westerner for the right price. The body of this work is dedicated to the genuine women of Thai, sincere, decent people looking for loving relationships and the possibility of long-term successful and happy marriages in the future, just as you are. It is my hope that the material in this book can bridge your two worlds together by successfully bridging the cultural divide through compassion, love, and understanding.

May you be as lucky as I have been in finding the love of my life in a genuine, sincere, and loving Thai woman’s heart.


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