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If you are asking yourself why retire in Thailand, you have obviously been thinking about it. The fact is that more and more people are finding that Thailand offers so much more than their own home countries do to people during their twilight years. Not only is the cost of living cheaper, but people are actually happier, thus giving the country its smiling reputation. Thailand is a country of extremes, so that it suits city dwellers and people who like the beach. It also offers a welcome to people who love scenery and who are, perhaps, a little more reflective in their approach to life. With areas such as Chiang Mai province, the scenery and the extremes of culture are to be embraced by those wishing to look further into Buddhism or merely enjoy the temples which are varied and interesting from an architectural viewpoint.

When you retire in Thailand, the people are happy to speak English and many do, although it’s a good idea to learn the niceties of the language so that the senior can communicate with people in their own language. Learning Thai online is a good way to ensure that authentic language is learned in advance, so that the senior choosing to retire in Thailand feels at home and can ask for help if needed.


Can you imagine another paradise location where it’s warm all year long and most days are sunny? Many of the people who end up in Thailand find that being able to eat outdoors all year is a great bonus to their retirement years. Gardening enthusiasts will also find that the lush tropical gardens offered in Thailand compare favorably with what they have back in their own country.

Senior Areas

Seniors are respected in Thailand and there are many areas where bungalow living offers very spacious and modern homes with nice gardens. These are centered in secure areas and there are swimming pools and other amenities right on your doorstep without the added burden of extra costs. The price of housing is much less than in the United States or even the United Kingdom and those who choose to retire in Thailand may be tempted to buy into the lifestyle offered.

East of paperwork

Although only long term visas are offered, these have requirements which are easy for resident seniors to meet. Thus, applying for a renewed visa is done without having to leave the country. Simply providing proof of income is all that is needed and this make immigration much less difficult than to other countries. Of course, on the first all application, an inquiry will be made as to your criminal record and medical condition at the time of moving there, these are not needed for renewals.

The lifestyle

With Thailand being so culturally different, recent additions to Thai life have meant that all kinds of entertainment have been incorporated into the lifestyle of people there. Opera, classical concerts, pop concerts, etc. are not uncommon and theatrical presentation is first class. With a choice of lifestyles, those retiring to Thailand can choose beach areas, town areas such as Bangkok or go for the more spectacular scenic areas such as offered in Chiang Mai province.

The food

The food in Thailand is an absolute delight. From street vendors and food markets, to fresh fish in coastal regions, the local cuisine is exceptional. Don’t fancy that? Then, it’s worthwhile noting that the variety of restaurants available with worldwide cuisine is astounding. Even if you want to cook your own food, the choice of fresh foods from the markets is mouthwatering and far reaching. At a time in their lives when people become very health conscious, Thailand offers wonderfully healthy local produce to tempt the taste buds.

The money

It’s not about greed. It’s about wanting a pension to go a little further than it does back home. Unfortunately, in many countries of the world, people have pensions which are eroded by inflation and older people are expected to be frugal. In real terms, what this means is going without things that people consider to be essential to life. In Thailand, the money stretches further so that the retired person really can live a life of relative luxury for much less.


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