Where to retire

Best places to retire in Thailand

Thailand has a rich heritage. What it offers to those choosing to retire in Thailand is a good standard of living, wonderful climate and affordable lifestyle in some of the most beautiful and architecturally interesting places in the world. Of course, if you are unfamiliar with the territory, you need a starting point to look at to retire in Thailand to an area which suits your personality and the lifestyle you desire. These places are chosen because they offer so many different things. Thus, you will be able to see from the wide range available, that there are places to retire in Thailand which suit you.


This area is one which has attracted ex pats for a long time. It was thought of as a place for rest and relaxation by many of the American troops serving abroad. For the shopaholic or the retiree who enjoys being in the city, Bangkok offers so much. Restaurants are diverse, musical performances of all types are available and there are medical facilities, which must be an important consideration for people who are considering retiring in Thailand.
Public transportation includes the world renowned sky train or you can travel on the underground.
If you need more space, then the suburbs of Bangkok may be suitable for you, including Bang Na or Nonthaburi which give easy access to town.

Chiang Mai

This area is popular because of its peaceful location and is approximately one hour from Bangkok. If taking a trip over to decide where to retire to, it’s certainly worth a trip here. Those seeking a more peaceful life will enjoy the views and also find spiritual solace in the Buddhist temples which are prominent here. This may indeed be the image of Thailand that retirees have in their minds and it lives up to expectations in a big way.
Chiang Mai is one of the best areas as far as weather is concerned so gives another reason why ex pats may wish to retire here. If you were to ask people why they want to retire in Thailand, this area would be high on the list of priorities.


This is an area more in style with the beachcomber lifestyle. Seniors who choose this location will no doubt take into account the coastal aspect of the area. In the south of Thailand, this area offers great fresh seafood, which inland areas may not offer. As fish is so important to senior lifestyle, this may also add a plus as far as Phuket is concerned. The resorts in this area may have been touched by the Tsunami although the area has to a large extent recovered and now has great warning systems in place to reassure those choosing to live in the area.

Hua Hin

Another coastal area, this gives the feel of a coastal village though one with a lot of character, holding a jazz festival on the beach once a year. What ex pats may find attractive about this area is the small town feel coupled with fresh air, sand and sea and the possibility to mingle with locals in an environment of calm.

Getting off the beaten track

Rayong and Chiang Rai are suitable for the senior who wants to get off the beaten track and away from it all. Some ex pats that live there say that the pull of these areas is that you are at one with nature, with rice fields, mountains, hills and rivers offered by Chiang Rai while Rayong outskirts hold some of the most beautiful sights. Don’t be put off by the blandness of the city, but look beyond that and Learn Mae Phim beach could put you in mind of true paradise.
While of course, there are other areas within Thailand which are popular with people who are about to retire, a visit to the country is essential to feel the ambiance and to seek out the areas which are the most suited to retire to bearing in mind individual needs.
Whichever area the retiree chooses as their destination for retirement, it’s a great idea to learn the niceties of the language and be able to communicate with people in their own mother tongue. Learning Thai online may be a good idea as an introduction to the language which will become part of your retired life.